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NFT PARTY ft. ZombieClub



In a parallel metaverse, a gang of infected zombies is roaming the world for their favorite treat… brains!

Brought to you by BEATDAY, ZombieClub, and GQ… Hit up a Zombie Party in the metaverse on BEATDAY! Enter the BEATDAY metaverse and transform into a ZombieClub NFT character. Then, party your brains out in the ZombieLab with the king of corpses, a.k.a NFT OG, Shawn Yue!

In the BEATDAY metaverse, there are no limits. Fly around apocalyptic zombie lands with 360 degrees of freedom. Play games with friends… or how about getting up close and personal with Shawn Yue? Check out the first GQ mag cover and interview in the metaverse. Experience the metaverse like never before!

▞ NFT PARTY ft. ZombieClub

First-ever ZombieClub metaverse party in ZombieLab! The ZombieClub boss himself, Shawn Yue, is hitting up the ZombieLab to come kick it with all you in the zombie crew.
Those who have a ZombieClub NFT can get early entrance to the Zombie Party on 05/15! Link your virtual wallet and verify your ZombieClub NFT to be qualified for early entrance. BEATDAY members will be able to check out the party from 05/16 – 08/16. Collect 10 brains during the Treasure Hunt to experience the ZombieLab for free.

▞ Treasure Hunt

Take on the limited-time Treasure Hunt, explore unknown zones, and collect gooey treats… brains!!!
Starting on 05/11, the Treasure Hunt will be open for 24 hours, with entrance times opening every hour on the hour. Collect brains so that you can offer them up for the party!
And if you’re lucky, you just might get some rare BEATDAY goodies…


Due to the nature of the Internet, neither BEATDAY nor ZombieClub guarantee the availability, accuracy, and timeliness of WalletConnect, nor do the aforementioned parties guarantee that WalletConnect will be available, uninterrupted, safe, and secure for its Web 3.0 log in and any other activities related to all NFTs at all times.

Get turned...
into Zombies!

(ZombieClub NFT holders only)

Get Your Zombie Avatar
ZombieClub NFT holders can use their linked wallets* to transform into a zombie, werewolf, or succubus in the BEATDAY metaverse… or any other ZombieClub character you got!
*Virtual wallets can be verified on WalletConnect. When linking a virtual wallet, BEATDAY will produce a QR code. Users must use the virtual wallet APP to scan the QR code. This will allow BEATDAY to verify your identity. After linking a virtual wallet you can choose a ZombieClub NFT character on BEATDAY. During this process, BEATDAY will not access your private key or seed phrase.


ZombieClub NFT holders


    After installing, execute the application and sign up.
  • Get your ZombieClub NFT avatar

    Connect and verify your crypto wallet and change into the ZombieClub NFT avatars you own.
  • Join the treasure hunt

    Collect human brains to access more events
  • NFT PARTY ft. ZombieClub【ZombieClub NFT holders only】

    ZombieClub NFT holders can access the NFT PARTY early on May 15 and May 19. Get your own ZombieClub NFT avatar and enjoy the party in ZombieLab with Shawn!
  • Review The Party

    ZombieClub will be open to all BEATDAY members from May 16 to Aug 16. ZombieClub NFT holders can also join and review the party at any time.

BEATDAY members


    After installing, execute the application and sign up.
  • Join the treasure hunt

    Collect human brains to access more events
  • ZombieLab open for the public

    BEATDAY members without ZombieClub NFT can join the party in ZombieLab from May 20 to Aug 16 by collecting human brains in the treasure hunt.

▞ Notes

PC Requirement

  • System requirement
    Operating system: Windows only
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-6200U and above
  • RAM: 8 GB and above
  • Graphics card: 

                   Deluxe edition: NVIDIA GeForce GTX660 and above

                   Standard edition: intel HD Graphics 520 and above

  • Disk Space: 20 GB and above
  • Broadband speed: 50 Mbps
  • Computers that are below the requirements will experience freezes, delays, and failure to watch the performance
  • Avoid executing other softwares, games, or recording applications at the same time to enjoy the best of the experience
  • Click the button below to see if your computer meets the requirement

Computer specification test

Please notice:

  • Your computer specification and broadband speed should be higher than the system requirement; anything lower will degrade the viewing experience
  • Please download the application and content at least one day before the show. Make sure that you log in to test the computer and familiarize with the operation in advance.
  • To avoid missing the show, please log in 30 minutes before it starts.
  • No logins are allowed 5 minutes after the show starts, so please log in early
  • Broadband speed and hardware problems may affect the viewing experience during the performance.
  • If the connection is interrupted, you can log in again, but you may miss part of the performance.