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Light the Night: Redhat Killer


2700 A.D., the first time humans upload memories on the internet.
From then on, the journey of life is no longer defined by death. Click download, start a new life.
After 600 years, Linsen North Road becomes the darkest district in the cyberpunk world.
Redhat Killer is here, people are saying in whispers.
Only the legendary singer Julia can wake up our long disappeared ability to love by her voice.
When the world starts crumbling, your memory is the only evidence of life.

▞ Interactive Gameplay

Light the Night: Redhat Killer is the first immersive experience including drama, gaming, and concert in the metaverse. Explore the virtual Linsen North district after 600 years, and experience the story tangled in love and hatred once again in the “future version” of Light the Night!


▞ Holo-Concert

The legendary singer taking part in Light the Night: Redhat Killer, ready to wake you up deeply from your soul!
Notable singer-songwriter, Julia Wu, is making her first appearance in the metaverse at BEATDAY! Solve the puzzle of Redhat Killer, enjoy Julia’s beautiful voice and her sexy performance without blind spot!

▞ The Prologue

The prologue Light the Night: Redhat Killer is about to be launched! Enter the virtual city of BEATDAY and embark on a mysterious adventure in the Linsen North district. Solve the time-limited mission of BEATDAY to access Julia Wu’s holographic concert and get a sneak peek of an exclusive preview of Light the Night: Redhat Killer!

▞ VR Experience

“Light the Night: Redhat Killer” is made with volumetric capture, and combines puzzle games and concert elements. Players can follow the characters and explore the cyberpunk world of robots in 600 years. More information to be announced.