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Music player Lala Hsu’s first metaverse concert in 2022
Welcome to the boundless music arena
Wake your animal within and cross the boundary between virtual and reality
Immerse yourself in Lala’s sensory extravaganza
Broadcast live on 2022/10/28, 11/4

Performance Date:

2022/10/28 (Friday) 20:00、22:00 (GMT+8)
2022/11/4 (Friday) 20:00、22:00 (GMT+8)
Entrance open by: 19:30、21:30 (GMT+8)
• Audience can enjoy both 20:00 and 22:00 sessions with a single-day pass. The performances of the two sessions are the same.
• Audience can enter the event venue, join the Warm-up Party and collect exclusive props 30 minutes before the show starts.

Ticket Price:

• Single Day Pass (NT$299): Including a single-day pass with 4 types of animals (A. Lion B. Deer C. Owl D. Giraffe) for your choice, a set of animal props, and exclusive dance move “LALA MOVE”.
• Tickets available Only on KKTIX  from 9/19 12:00 – 11/4 18:00
For discounted group ticketing, please contact


  • Buy your tickets on KKTIX

    Buy Now
    9/19 12:00 開賣 – 11/4 18:00止
  • Download BEATDAY

    Download BEATDAY
    Download BEATDAY and claim your tickets from 10/19.
    After downloading, enter the redemption code on the ticket purchase page to claim your ticket and exclusive item.
  • Join the warm-up event

    Collect exclusive items every day. Plus… take a screenshot and get a chance to win a signed album!
  • Show Time

    10/28, 11/4 8pm & 10pm
    Please log into and update BEATDAY one day before the show, as well as download the resource pack. Also, log into BEATDAY 30 minutes before the concert starts to join the warm-up party and collect exclusive items.

▞ Interactive Gameplay

Welcome to Lala Hsu’s musical arena! Create a virtual identity on BEATDAY, dress up as an animal, and join the crazy fun! Explore the endless possibilities of the virtual arena and feel Lala’s energy from wayyyy up close!

▞ Warm-up Event

Participate in the warm-up event from 10/19-11/4 to collect exclusive items. Take a screenshot, upload it to Instagram and tag Lala and to get a chance to win a signed album!

▞ Warm-up Party

On 10/28 and 11/4, entrance will be open 30 minutes before the concert starts. Please join to collect exclusive items, LALA Party Poppers and Healing Flashlights. Cheer on for Lala!

▞ Requirements

Computer Specification Test

  • Windows
    CPU: Intel core i5 and above
    RAM: 8GB and above
    Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX660 and above
    Installation Space: Disk space of 20GB or more
    Broadband Speed: 50 Mbps
  • MAC
    Device: Any device after 2018
    OS:IOS.10.14 above
    Disk Space: 20 GB and above
    Broadband speed: 50 Mbps
  • Computers that are below the requirements will experience freezes, delays, and failure to watch the performance.
  • While experiencing BEATDAY, please do not open other multimedia software applications (music software, games, recording, etc.) to ensure the highest quality possible.
  • BEATDAY must be installed in a folder with an English name. If it is installed in a folder with a Chinese name, the installation will not complete.
  • Before proceeding, please press the button below to check if your computer meets the required specifications.

Computer Specification Test


  • Your computer specifications and broadband speed should be higher than the requirements. If your computer does not meet the requirements, it will negatively affect the viewing experience, or make it impossible to view the show.
  • Please download the platform and all required content at least one day before the show. Log in to make sure your computer meets the requirements and to familiarize yourself with the controls, etc.
  • Log into the platform 30 minutes before the show starts. If you are not logged in 30 minutes before the show, you may not be able to enter.
    Attendees will not be able to enter the venue 5 minutes after the show has started, so please enter early.
  • During the performance, the viewing experience may be affected by the user’s broadband speed, hardware specifications, etc.
  • If your connection is lost during the show, you may log in again, but may miss a part of the performance.