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▞ Trout Fresh "Lonely In Familiar Places" holographic MV

The second wave of the BEATDAY holographic MV features (Lonely In Familiar Places). This MV comes from the second solo album (Xiaoming and the City) by million-views rapper Trout Fresh, which best represents the album’s core. The characteristics of the holographic MV let Trout Fresh walk and dance around the graffiti-filled animation world to deliver a “flat” and “three-dimensional” visual experience allowing fans to see the virtual yet realistic Trout Fresh from different angles.

▞ new realm of VR

In addition to the mobile version of the holographic MV, the VR version of Trout Fresh’s new single “Lonely In Familiar Places” is also released. You can wear a VR device to immerse yourself in FEI’s performance and feel the hyper-realism of the virtual stage. Use the invitation code to watch the holographic MV in the BEATDAY application. After the show, you can click the button below to verify your membership and then download the VR content to watch it on your own VR device.

Download VR

▞ Notes


  • Mobile phone: Android – HTC Desire 21 pro or higher, iOS – iPhone 8 or higher
  • VR hardware: PC VR
    VR – VIVE, VIVE Pro, VIVE Pro 2, VIVE Cosmos
    PC – CPU: Intel Core i5-4460 or higher, Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX970 or higher


  • Download time may vary for holographic MV due to broadband speed.