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▞ Freedom to break through MV boundaries


What’s behind the MV?
After logging in to BEATDAY and selecting the performer, you can start to enjoy the holographic MV in all 360-degree with no blind spots. You can rotate, zoom in and zoom out freely, from any angles you like, to watch the performance without missing any details. You can even be a creator to perform and interact with the signer using AR mode.
Supported devices: mobile phones, tablets, VR devices

▞ MV concept evolution

There’s no distance between you and the performer anymore, and . More interactions are waiting for you to discover.

▞ The new realm of VR

In addition to the mobile version of the BEATDAY holographic MV, a high-quality VR version is also available. Feel the ultra-realistic impact of virtual reality and submerge in the music entertainment experience while wearing a VR device.
If you have already downloaded songs of the mobile version holographic MV, you can also download the VR version when it becomes available. VR version release times will be announced separately, and may be different from the mobile version.