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▞ Music Videos without Boundaries


What’s really going on in a music video?
Log into the BEATDAY app and select a performer. Check out their music video with 360 degrees of freedom. Zoom in, zoom out, move around, and check out the vid from any angle you want. Don’t miss a single detail! Plus, use AR Mode to perform side by side with the performer and interact with the environment. You’re no longer just a performer, you’re a creator.
Supported devices: mobile phones, tablets, VR

▞ Music Videos... Evolved.

In BEATDAY’s holographic music videos,
there’s no longer distance between you and the performer.
A myriad of interactions are waiting to be uncovered and explored.

▞ New VR Dreamscapes

Besides BEATDAY’s holographic music videos for mobile, there’s also high-definition VR versions. Put on your VR gear and enjoy a fully immersive musical experience. Time to kick up reality a few notches and jump into a virtual venue.
If you already have the mobile version of a holographic music video, when the VR version is released, you may immediately download the VR content in the download section. The release of the VR holographic music video will be announced separately, and may be different from the launch of the mobile version.