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How to install

Step 1

Agree to the terms of use and privacy policy, and click “Download” BEATDAY.

Step 2 (PC)

Run the .exe file and follow the on-screen instructions to click “Next”.

Step 2 (MAC)

Run the .dmg file and drag BEATDAY to the folder on right side.

Step 3

After the automatic update is completed, select English before starting.

How to register

Step 1

Upon first launch, choose either “Quality” or “Performance” based on your device

Step 2

Log in BEATDAY with your social media account or sign up with an E-mail.

Step 3

Choose an avatar, fill in your nickname and information (which can be modified anytime).

Step 4

After completing your avatar, enter the BEATDAY lobby and start your adventure.

Redeem purchased tickets

※One serial number per BEATDAY account for redemption, non-transferable after redemption.

Step 1

Click on the bottom-right of the interface “EVENT” .

Step 2

Then, click on the “Redeem” button to continue.

Step 3

Enter the 6-digit ticket number you received upon purchase.

Step 4

After collecting the ticket, head to the lobby entrance.

Purchase tickets in BEATDAY

※After purchasing, the tickets will be directly bound to the current account and cannot be transferred.

Step 1

Click on the bottom-right of the interface “EVENT” .

Step 2

Click to switch programs left or right, then click on “Buy”.

Step 3

Select the ticket type and date, then click on “Pay”.

Step 4

Make the payment on the webpage.

Download the program DLC

※Download the DLC before the concert starts to ensure you don’t miss it!

Step 1

After obtaining the ticket, click the “Program” button on the right.

Step 2

Find the concert on the second page and click on “Download.”

Step 3

Download takes 5-30 mins based on your net speed. Prep ahead!

Step 4

Top has countdown. Enter program 30 mins before start.

Redem Event Items

※ Please follow BEATDAY on IG, LINE, and FB for occasional virtual item giveaways.

Step 1

Click on “Program” → “Ticket code” and enter the “Redemption Code” for the item.

Step 2

Enter the code and press “OK,” and the event item will be added to your backpack.

Step 3

Click on “Avatar Picture” → “Backpack”, then drag the item to equip it.

Step 4

Equipping “clothes” changes your look, while “Items/Dance/Emoji” enable play.

Purchase Avatars and Items

※ After purchase, the items will be directly bound to the current account and cannot be transferred!

Step 1

Go to the right side of the lobby, head upstairs to find the store, and click on “SHOP” to open the product list.

Step 2

The store sells avatars, clothing, dance, and props. Choose your items (multiple selections allowed), then click “Buy.”

Step 3

Enter your email (for sending electronic invoices), then click on “Pay” to complete the transaction through the webpage.

Step 4

Click on your avatar photo, then in “Backpack” or “Avatar” → “Additions,” find the purchased items/avatars.






Please use your computer to click this URL


Download too slow

Check the internet speed exceeds 50Mbps (Click to test)
If Wi-Fi is slow, switch to wired connection. Close other streaming media while downloading to reduce computer load.

Download interrupted

Please check the following:

  1. Ensure that you have at least 20GB of available disk space. If the capacity is insufficient, consider organizing your disk space or installing in a different drive.
  2. Verify that your internet connection is stable, and your computer is not in sleep mode.
  3. Try restarting the program or rebooting your computer.

Firewall warning appeared

If there’s a firewall conflict during the file download, choose “More Info” → “Run Anyway” to continue with BEATDAY.

Download stuck at a certain progress

Please try clicking the “Update” button again or restart the download program.



Sign up failed

Please check if you meet the following requirements:

  1. Make sure you have agreed to the privacy policy and terms of use.
  2. If you registered with an email, verify that the account format is correct, which should be a valid email address.
  3. Ensure that the password meets the criteria of being at least 8 characters long and includes a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numbers.
  4. Double-check if the password entered matches in both fields.

Did not receive the verification email

  1. Double-check if the email was entered correctly during registration.
  2. If you haven’t received the verification code, check your spam/junk folder. Additionally, if the verification code is not used within 10 minutes, it will expire. You can request a resend.
  3. If you’re unable to register successfully using email, consider using a social media account for quick login instead.

Forget the password

Click on “Forgot password” and you will receive password reset instructions via email. Please follow the on-screen steps to proceed.

Login failed with social media account

Please try logging in with a different account (or a different social media account). If you still cannot log in, please register a new account using your email address and use that to log in instead.

Login failed with the previous account

Please contact customer service via Line and provide your BEATDAY account, login method, nickname, or email so that we can assist you in troubleshooting the issue.


Watching performances

Which graphics setting should I choose?

You can switch between graphics quality options in the “Settings” → “Options”

“Quality Priority”:

Provides a high-quality experience, suitable for computers capable of running AAA games!

“Performance Priority”:

Ensures smooth viewing, suitable for laptops used for documents or Macs!

Can I watch it on a tablet/phone?

Currently, the program is available for viewing on computers only and does not support mobile devices such as phones or tablets.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

How to enter the event scene

Once you enter the BEATDAY lobby, you can enter the event scene by walking towards the teleportation portal located near the back elevator entrance.

Lag, crashes, and app crashes

To improve performance, adjust the “Settings” → “Graphics” → “Performance” and close any unused applications.

You can also try restarting BEATDAY or rebooting your device. If you still encounter issues while watching, please contact customer support for assistance.

If I encounter a game-breaking bug

You can try logging out and logging back in to continue exploring. If the problem persists, please contact customer support via Line.

Within BEATDAY, you can go to “Settings” → “Help Center” → “Contact us,” agree to “send account information to customer service,” and we will promptly investigate and provide assistance.





How to control movement

Use the WASD keys to move in the directions of Up (↑), Left (←), Down (↓), and Right (→).

Alternatively, you can directly click on the ground with the mouse to move.

Hold down the right mouse button and drag the mouse to rotate the camera.

For more tutorials, please click on “Settings” → “Help Center” → “Tutorial” for detailed instructions.

How to control flying

Press the spacebar once to jump, and press it twice to activate flying mode!

Please note that in some scenes (such as “Light the Night 2700”), flying functionality may be restricted due to stronger gravity.

For more tutorials, please click on “Settings” → “Help Center” → “Tutorial” for detailed instructions.

Mac system cannot move

Certain Mac systems require translation to run apps with different architectures. For M2 macOS version, follow these steps to open Beatday:

  1. Select “Applications.”
  2. Right-click “Beatday.”
  3. Choose “Get Info.”
  4. Check “Open using Rosetta.”
  5. Restart Beatday to operate the character movement.

Keyboard cannot move

Please try closing the “Chat window” or “Backpack” and then use the “WASD” keys on your keyboard to move.

If you are still unable to move, please contact customer support for assistance in troubleshooting the issue.

How to obtain clothing/props

Once you become a BEATDAY member, you will have access to basic clothing and props.

If you want to acquire more exquisite items, you can visit the in-game store in the lobby to make purchases.

Additionally, you can participate in each event or mini-game to earn rewards and obtain more items.

How to change characters

Click on the “Avatar/Profile picture” icon, then select “Avatar”
You will be presented with various character options to choose from.


How to change outfits

Click on the “Avatar/Profile picture” icon, then select “Backage”
Drag and drop or double-click on the desired clothing to equip it.


How to use items

Click on the “Avatar/Profile picture” icon → “Backage”.

You can switch between categories such as “Props”, “Dance Moves”, and “Emojis”.

Drag the desired item up to the numbered slots.

Once the setup is complete, while controlling the character’s movement, press the corresponding number to use the item!


Customer service

Please scan the QR to join BEATDAY customer service


Alternatively, you can email us at and leave your name and your question.

We will get back to you as soon as possible within the next business day. Thank you!