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PC Ver. Holo-concert

Download the Installation manual

Accounts and downloads

Question : Registration failed

Answer : Please check to see if you meet the following requirements:

Incorrect account format; please provide the correct email or phone number format

Incorrect password format; please provide eight digits of the upper and lowercase alphabet with numbers

Please make sure the two passwords are the same

Please make sure you have checked and agreed to the term of use and privacy policy


Question: Download stopped or froze

Answer: Please read the following items

Make sure there is more than 20 GB of free disk space. Remove files to free up your hard drive or install another hard disk.

Make sure the network connection is normal, and the computer is not in sleep mode. After that, quit and re-launch BEATDAY, and the download will continue.


Question: Why does it take so long to download?

Answer : The holographic concert is a game-like application, and it needs additional content. Download time varies depending on the broadband speed; it can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. The testing agent needs to execute the application and download the content in advance to access the concert. Please run the application early to avoid missing the show.


Question: Why does the application take up so much disk space?

Answer : Holographic concert uses the latest volumetric photography technology, and this media format requires larger disk space to operate. You can delete the temp file after the show.


Question: Can I log in with a different social media account?

Answer: A different social media account will be regarded as a different BEATDAY account, and the information in the account (props, outfits, and redemption codes… etc.) are not transferable


Operation & exploration

Question : How do I access the selection screen when I am in the lobby?

Answer : Go to the Bisiugroup member in the lobby center or the elevator at the back, and the selection screen will reappear.


Question : How do I move my avatar?

Answer: The holographic concert offers three ways to control: keyboard and mouse, mouse only, and auto. You can switch the controls by clicking the icons at the bottom of the screen. Instruction will appear when the cursor is over the icon.


Question: How do I get the props?

Answer: The testing agent will receive a few trial props after logging in. You can join the scheduled “treasure hunt” on each day, or you can purchase props at the lobby mall.


Question: How do I use props?

Answer: After clicking on the backpack, you can switch the category to “props, dance steps, and emoji,” drag the props over to the corresponding numbers, and press the corresponding number keys. Please read the on-screen instructions for details.


Question: How do I get outfits?

Answer: The testing agent will receive a few basic outfits after logging in. You can join the scheduled “treasure hunt” each day, or you can purchase outfits at the lobby mall.


Question: How do I participate in the treasure hunt?

Answer: Treasure hunt will be held on 11/15 to 11/17 at 20:00 and 22:00. Each hunt lasts for ten minutes. Fans will have a chance to win “Xuan Pao 1.0” and other cool props.


Viewing the holographic concert

Question: Can I participate in the Amazing Show beta test if I live overseas?

Answer: Friends from all over the world are welcome to be the BEATDAY Amzingshow beta test testing agent; however, the network configuration of the beta test does not cover the globe, and it may cause connection interruption and interaction delays.


Question: I can’t find the button to watch the concert

Answer: “Enter Concert” button will only appear 30 minutes before showtime at the lobby. The “Explore Scene” or “Treasure Hunt” button will appear when the show is off (see program schedule for details). If you can’t find the buttons, you can go to the Amzingshow member in the lobby center or the elevator at the back to trigger the selection button.


Question: I cannot enter the concert after I click the enter concert button

Answer: Please go to “Testing Agent Verification” and enter the redemption code to redeem the Bisiu certification of the day. Only agents with the Amzingshow certification in their backpacks can enter and watch the holographic concert. Please make sure your broadband connection is working normally.


Question: How long do I have to wait before the show starts?

Answer: Agents must log in to BEATDAY and update the application one day before the show. Agents who have updated the application should log in 15 minutes before the show.


Question: Where can I find the program schedule?

Answer: Click the program schedule on our official website: or read the BEATDAY homepage announcement.


Question: Can I watch both shows if I have the limited edition Amzingshow redemption code of the day?

Answer: Yes. There are many ways to watch the holographic concert, and we suggest agents use different ways to play and interact with each performance.


Question: The concert freezes or crashes mid-show.

Answer: Please make sure your computer spec is higher than the recommended standard. If the problem persists, quit other applications and restart BEATDAY.


Question: There is no sound.

Answer: Check the volume setting of the computer speaker or the headset first; if the setting is normal, click on the BEATDAY settings button, turn up the volume, and press save. Restart the BEATDAY application if all else fails.


Question: There is no image of the performer at the concert

Answer: Please refer to the following:

Download was incomplete when installing the application: quit the BEATDAY application and restart; the application will download the missing part automatically. Please be patient with the download, for it may take some time.

File folder name changed after installation that caused the error; please restore the original settings.


Question: I got lost while watching the concert and couldn’t find my way back

Answer: You can use the “focus on the stage” button on the interface to quickly find your direction to the stage, or you can use the “Return to Start” button to go back to the stage side.


Mobile Ver. Holo-MV

Accounts and downloads

Question: Unable to download content

Answer: Please verify your network connection and make sure your cell phone has enough memory


Question: Where can I find the file after downloading?

Answer: You can play the latest concert on the “Artist” page or find the downloaded file in “settings” -> “Resource Management.”


Question: Can I download the file again if I deleted it?

Answer : Yes. You can download the file again if you have the account number that was used to purchase the MV.


Question: Can I log in with the same account number if I change my phone? Will the content disappear?

Answer: You can log in with the same account number after you change your phone; however, since the mobile/tablet device stores the content of the MV, you will need to download the content again if you change the device.


Viewing the holographic concert

Question: Where can I watch the artist’s MV?

Answer : Click on the artist wall on the homepage box, or click on the “Explore” button to enter the artist page


Question: How do I watch the show again?

Answer: After you exit the show, you can click on the “Holographic MV” button to watch it again.


Question: Show crashes while watching

Answer: Please make sure you don’t have too many Apps open at the same time. Quit all other Apps, then click on the concert and watch again.


Question: How do I record and take pictures during the show?

Answer: Click on the camera icon above to record or take pictures while watching the holographic MV or AR. Click on the camera icon once to take pictures, click and hold to record, click the camera icon again or click the return button to exit camera mode.


Question: I can’t find the performer when watching holographic AR

Answer: Please click the arrow icon on the upper right corner, and the screen will re-center the performer on the screen.