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Download the Installation manual

Accounts and download related

Question : Registration failed

Answer : Please make sure you meet the following requirements:

Account format error; a correct email and phone number are required

Invalid password; password does not meet the requirements. Passwords must be 8 characters or more, and must include English letters and numbers.

Please confirm that both passwords are the same.

Please make sure the privacy policy and user agreement boxes have been selected.


Question: The download cuts out or stops halfway.

Answer: Please confirm the following:

Disk drive space is 20GB or more. If your computer does not have enough space, clear up some space or install it on another hard drive.

Internet connection is stable and your computer is not sleeping. After confirming and reopening the app it will continue to download automatically.

If the download is taking too long, restart your computer and reopen the app.

Make sure BEATDAY is installed in a file with an English name. The installation will not complete if it is installed in a file with a Chinese name.


Question: The download keeps stopping at 74%.

Answer: Please confirm the following settings.

Make sure BEATDAY is installed in a file with an English name. Try installing again.

Check to see if your internet connection is stable and your broadband speed is 50 Mpbs or above.

If wait time exceeds 10 minutes, restart the application.


Question: Why does downloading take so long after opening the app?

Answer : Holographic concerts function like a video game, so platform content must also be downloaded. Download speed depends on broadband speed and may take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Thank you for your patience. Attendees must set up the platform and download relevant content ahead of time to view a performance. Please take note of this to prevent missing a show.


Question: Why does the app take up so much space?

Answer: Holographic concerts use the latest volumetric capture technology. This type of multimedia requires a large amount of operating space. Once you’ve finished watching the holographic concert, you can delete this file.


Question: Can I use different social media accounts to log in?

Answer: Each social media account used to log into BEATDAY will correspond to a different BEATDAY account. Account info (Props, outfits, redeem codes, etc.) cannot be transferred from one account to another.


Question: Can I join BEATDAY membership after logging in as a guest?

Answer: After entering BEATDAY, you can join BEATDAY membership with a third-party account. After joining BEATDAY membership, you will be able to enjoy BEATDAY without any limitations!


Question: How do I know if my computer meets the requirements?

Answer: Use your computer to go to this website: ; this will automatically test your computer’s graphics card specifications as well as tell you how to check your computer’s CPU and RAM.


Controls & Exploration

Question : Which version should I use?

Answer : After downloading and executing BEATDAY, two image quality selections will appear. We suggest that you select the resolution setting that matches your computer’s specifications to ensure that you can view the entire performance. If you wish to change your resolution setting, you may change it in the Settings tab located in the upper-right corner of the screen.

1. Standard: Suited for music lovers using a laptop.
2. Deluxe: Suited for music fanatics using computers that work on AAA games.


Question : How do I enter the venue?

Answer : Head to any one of the arrow markers in the Lobby, or open up the Menu button on the right-hand side.


Question : How do I move my character?

Answer: BEATDAY Holographic Concerts provide 3 types of controls: keyboard and mouse, the mouse, and auto-mode. Click one of the three control icons on the bottom of the screen to switch modes. Hover over the button to view the control tutorial.


Question: How do I get Props?

Answer: After logging in and registering, attendees will have a few props. If you wish to obtain more, you can participate in the limited-time Treasure Hunt or purchase props in the Lobby Shop. These props will be permanently owned by the account to which they belong, and can be used for future performances.


Question: How do I use props?

Answer: Click on your backpack to switch between Props, Dances, and Emojis. Drag a prop or dance to a number slot. Press the number that corresponds to that slot to use. For detailed controls, see the tutorial on the screen.


Question: How do I get outfits?

Answer: After logging in and registering, attendees will have a few outfits. If you wish to obtain more, you can participate in the limited-time daily Treasure Hunt or purchase outfits in the Lobby Shop.


Attending the Concert

Question: I’m stuck in the Lobby and can’t enter the venues.

Answer: Please make sure BEATDAY is installed in a file with an English name. If it is installed in a file with a Chinese name, the installation will not complete and the program won’t be able to execute.


Question: Can’t find the button to enter the holographic concert.

Answer: Head to the Lobby and press Menu, located on the right-hand side.


Question: When do I need to enter BEATDAY before a show?

Answer: We advise attendees to log into BEATDAY 30 minutes before the show starts to wait for the holographic concert to ensure you don’t miss the performance.


Question: The holographic concert froze or crashed halfway through the show.

Answer: Please make sure your computer’s specifications are higher than those suggested. If you still experience these issues, close any other applications you are not using, restart BEATDAY, and continue watching the performance.


Question: There is no sound in the holographic concert.

Answer: Please check the volume settings for your computer’s speakers or earphones. If the settings are normal, press the Settings button in BEATDAY, raise the volume, and press Save.


Question: I can’t see the performer in the holographic concert.

Answer: Please check to see if this is caused by any of the following issues:

The installation is not complete. Close BEATDAY and restart the application. This will automatically download any components which have yet to be downloaded. Please be patient as it downloads.

After installation, the file name was changed, which caused a loading error. Please restore the default settings.


Question: I got lost in the holographic concert and can’t find the show.

Answer: Use the “Face the Stage” button on the interface to cause your character to face the stage. You can also use the “Return to Start” button to return back to the stage.


Mobile Ver. Holo-MV

Accounts and downloads

Question: Unable to download content

Answer: Please check your internet connection and make sure your phone has enough storage space.


Question: Where can I find the file after the download?

Answer: The latest holographic concerts can be played on the Artist page. Or, head to Settings -> Manage Resources to view the files you’ve downloaded.


Question: If I’ve deleted a file, can I download it again to rewatch it?

Answer : Yes, you can. So long as your account has obtained (purchased) that music video, you may download the content again.


Question: If I get a new phone, can I use it to log into the same account?

Answer: Another phone/tablet may be used to log into the same account, but if music video content is on the original device, that content must be downloaded again for the new phone/tablet.


Music Video/AR Viewing

Question: Where can I watch holographic music videos?

Answer : On the main page, click on the Artist section or click the Explore button at the bottom of the page to enter the Artist page.


Question: How do I rewatch a video after watching it?

Answer: Once the video finishes and exits, click the Holographic Music Video button again to rewatch it.


Question: The video crashed midway.

Answer: Please make sure multiple applications are not running at the same time. Close any other applications and view the video again.


Question: How do I take pictures or film video?

Answer: While you’re viewing a holographic music video or AR, click on the camera icon on the top of the screen. Click once to take a picture, and press and hold to record. Clicking the camera icon again or clicking the Return button will exit camera mode.


Question: I can’t find the performer in AR mode.

Answer: Please click the arrow icon in the upper-right corner. This will center the performer in the middle of the screen.