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Music Unchained

BEATDAY, the world’s first Holographic Music Platform.
BEYOND EVERYDAY, refresh your listening experience, liberate your music surrounding.

Realistic holographic imaging

The illusion of virtual reality

360 degrees viewing angle

Highly interactive experience

▞ Revolutionize concert experience
– Holo-concert

BEATDAY, is not an ordinary concert
Enter the BEATDAY music universe with your friends, create your avatar, find your viewing angle, move and fly freely to participate in the performances, and create a unique music experience by playing!

Supported devices:  
Windows PC 

▞Break through MV boundaries
– Holo-MV

In BEATDAY, sometimes the backside is more interesting than the front! In the Holographic MV, you have the full 360-degree point of view, and you can easily use your fingers to rotate, zoom in and zoom out to watch the performance; you can even use the AR mode to perform and create an MV with the performer!

Supported devices: mobile phones, tablets, VR devices