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▞Develop new business opportunities

BEATDAY is the world’s first holographic music platform, allowing you to create never-before-seen musical performances that fuse the real with the virtual. We integrate emerging modes of business and provide a comprehensive commercial system that opens up endless possibilities for business cooperation.

▞ Create Virtually and Physically Integrated Products

In the digital age, the line between the virtual and the real is becoming increasingly blurred. Virtualizing products is gradually becoming a global trend. BEATDAY is able to turn any product into a holographic item to be used at holographic concerts, can create virtual pop-up shops, and even turn product features into gamelike special effects and functions. These virtual products make holographic concerts even more enjoyable for those in attendance.

▞ Multi-Directional Exposure

Allows companies to relay their image in holographic concerts and holographic music videos. That includes in the lobby, ad pages, 3D modules, and more… Integrate your company image into BEATDAY to increase visibility and awareness alongside a brand-new, emerging mode of musical performance.

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If you’re interested, please  E-mail to and tell us your name and request. We’ll contact you shortly.